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  • my oscar...

    pugs are not actually dogs, atleast they don't act like one.

    we welcomed oscar into our family last year in August. Since then he has adapted to our family like a long lost brother. sometimes i feel he is connected to us and our DNAs match. He runs around the corridoors like a rat, turning and twisting; very jumpy if you imagine. he let's us know when he is grumpy, sad, angry- just by his behaviour. Once my mother went shopping and came back a tad late. Oscar urinated all over the bed and started barking at her. He surely got punsihed for that.
    whatever qualities he has or he does'nt, one thing is for sure that i never needed another person's company when i'm with Oscar. 
    that is the best thing about dogs. they fix you emotionally and stay as your best buddy.
    also they tear you apart when they leave.
    because love hurts...

    by : Bloger-image   Devanshu Tiwari

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