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    This is a story of a pigeons never ending hardwork.

    There was a man he was very tensed and depressed as he lost his job .One day he was sitting at his home and he saw that a piegeon was trying to make a nest above his  AC compressor, pigeon was collecting small  wooden pieces from tree and trying to make a nest for laying eggs.But the man didnt wanted the piegeon to make nest in his home so he cleared the nest.
    Next day he saw that pigeon was again trying to make a nest so he cleared the nest again .This continued for months and one day he was amazed by the hardwork of the pigeon ,he destroyed her home every day and she rebuilds her new home again and again.

    Moral-We should never nerver never giveup in life .Everyday is a new start ,You can rebuild your life everyday.

    by : Bloger-image   Krunal Shah

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