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  • The frail and feisty old man.... Who taught me a lesson....

    Contented me! Today, I am ecstatic, not because, I have got promoted or have achieved something, I have been striving for long, not even because, I have met my parents, wishing me or giving a piece of advice, which I have been trying to seek for long. But, it’s because I have found something concealed and troubling me inside. Thanks to the feisty and frail man who taught me a lesson, there is nothing as valuable as finding yourself, your happiness.

    He came on a wheelchair; I was sitting in Metro train, heading towards home from office. He was carrying a heavy baggage definitely not for me but unquestionably for his feeble limbs. I vacated my seat for him. He got comfortable, though I was not. I kept on looking at him, wondering, why God does this to people! While a person is craving to acquire more and more wealth and make life trouble-free, this man is certainly trying to rise above the mundane. My, heart was crying, I wanted to do something for this man as much as I wanted to do for my “father”.

    I decided to help him on this small journey, if not on the long journey of life. I helped him, till he was comfortably seated into the wheel chair again placed on the hallway of the platform. When I got back to my seat, he was looking at me so gleefully as if trying to say “Beta, keep on helping people in need”. I understood the idea that has preoccupied my mind for a long period.

    I learnt, doing something everyday not for any pecuniary gain, but just because it will give you real happiness without having the desire to get something in return will give you contentment.

    Find out something to volunteer for those in need! I have found mine,” it’s helping elderly people who are trying to seek help”. Find out yours, and the world will become a stunning place to live.

    by : Bloger-image   Sonali Pathak

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