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  • ASIA TV is a communion bonding between the Local Asians in the UK says, Kaushik Izardar COO - Asia TV

    With around 19 million UK Households, ASIA TV is first free to air channel,. Covering a wide spectrum of content right from News both local and regional to segments like Lifestyle and Bollywood, Entertainment, Politics , Stock market, Politics , Business Analysis, Sports , Culture Religion Music. Asia TV is the First Free-to-Air channel launched by the South Asian community residing in UK, for the Local Asians settled there. This is a platform initiated to engage British Born Asians and the ethnic immigrants. 

    Asia TV is a News and Infotainment Linear channel started in UK with a global vision to create a stronger voice. Asia TV has managed to even gain viewership of the Local Middle East and South Asian communities. Asia TV has ensured that it caters to all age brackets including children, teenagers, adults and special shows for senior citizens. We have different shows targeted for different age groups, demography and psychographic attributes.

    The channel has a viewership of 5 Million plus Local Asians communities, comprising mainly of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Sri Lankans. With the right mix of News, Infotainment, Entertainment and Bollywood, ASIA TV is the go-to source for staying updated.

    by : Bloger-image Bharat Sharma

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